Transparent epoxy casting resin + hardener W300 1,35Kg

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EP "water clear" casting + W300 hardener, work packages
Highly transparent, almost transparent components
Good UV resistance
Largely free of air bubbles
Polishing, hard surface
Excellent impact resistance
Low withdrawal
Care also in thin layers without sticking
It can be colored with R & G Universal coloring paste or transparent colors and dry pigments of all kinds
It can be supplied with all dry fillers (metal powder, effect pigments, sand, etc.)
Also suitable for coverings and as a Laminerharzsystem with a very long life
of the dough: 100: 35 parts by weight of resin: hardener

Processing time (135 g / 20 ° C): about 300 minutes
Hardening time: about 24-72 hours (depending on the volume, thickness and temperature of the layer)
If the system is processed in thin layers / laminates, the temperature of the hardening should not be less than 22 ° C,

Areas of application:
All types of coatings, aquaristics, terrariums, jewelery, handicrafts, painting, wood finishing, furniture manufacturing (Rivertable), Diaramen, aircraft, ships, cars and model railways.

for optimal results, the resin and hardener must be dosed according to weight.
(The mixing ratio by weight is not identical to the mixing ratio in volume due to several
specific weights of resin and hardener.)

After mixing resin and hardener, the casting resin must be obtained as quickly as possible to avoid an exothermic reaction
in the mixing vessel. This is especially true when processing large quantities.

The reaction heat generated during hardening (exothermic) limits the maximum quantity to be thrown away in operational operation
and the thickness of the layer.
The higher the temperature and / or the thickness of the layer and / or the volume, the shorter the processing / gelation times.
When a certain limit is exceeded, the resin system heats up exponentially until it does
finally arrives at unwanted reactions:
the jet turns completely into points, from light yellow to dark brown, it cracks and improves fading
. Furthermore, a wavy and restless surface is formed. In extreme cases, the casting can "cook" completely or partially. there
sorono temperature above 100 ° C.

Layer thicknesses up to 5 cm can be melted in small volumes up to about 500 ml and 1-2 cm layers in large volumes
up to about 30 liters.

Large molded parts ("Rivertables" and the like) with layer thicknesses greater than 20 mm must be merged into two or more operations / layers in
succession, at intervals of about 12 hours.

At temperatures above 25 ° C, it is strongly recommended not to spill larger layer thicknesses and / or larger volumes in one

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