Radiocontrol Futaba 10J + R3008SB 2.4GHZ telemetry mode 1

-19% Radiocontrol Futaba 10J + R3008SB  2.4GHZ telemetry mode 1

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It is the 10-channel evolution of the T8J plus the telemetry that uses the new 2.4GHz T-FHSS Air system while remaining compatible with S-FHSS but without the possibility of using telemetry.
Together with advanced programming it adopts the S.Bus / S.Bus2 system for the management of telemetry servos, gyroscopes and sensors.

The Futaba 10J has a T-FHSS AIR system which is a 2.4 GHz telemetry system. It is a high-performance radio that not only has air and helicopter mode but also the Multicopter and glider mode.

The 10J has a speech synthesis function from the audio output connector. So you can make sure your telemetry data is safe without taking your eyes off your body.

It is also equipped with a vibrating function to inform you as a voltage drop.

  • Funzione di telemetria

    Può visualizzare ogni informazione, suono di allarme e vibrazione.

  • Modalità aliante

    È disponibile la funzione di miscelazione della modalità aliante.

  • Modalità multi-copter

    La modalità multi-copia ti offre una connessione facile al tuo multi-copter.

  • Centro di posizione del bastone alerm

    Il suono di allarme è disponibile quando lo stick del gas è in un set point.

    2.4 GHz T-FHSS® technology
    High resistance to interference thanks to the Frequency-Hopping modulation (100 x per second)
    Scheduled for the future (already responding to new EU regulations)
    System with integrated 32-channel telemetry with wide range
    Telemetry view in real time on the large display
    Voice output via optional headphones with 3.5 mm jack
    Melody and tone output (optionally via internal Beeper or optional headphones)
    Vibration alarm
    Illuminated display 65 x (128 x 64 dot)
    S-BUS technology for fully digital connection, you can use S.BUS, S.BUS controllers and S.BUS sensors
    Thanks to the S.BUS support ideal for helicopters with S.BUS Flybarless systems
    Integrated Patch Antenna always ensures excellent antenna radiation.
    10-channel transmitter fully equipped with 19 control elements
    Precise and no-play command sticks with Open-Stick mechanics

    Transmission 10 (8 + 2) channels Switching from T-FHSS modulation (10 channels) to S-FHSS modulation (8 channels)
    T-FHSS® Frequenz-Hopping technology with integrated telemetry
    A wide channel widening allows extreme resistance to interference and ultra-fast reaction times for a precise and direct driving sensation.
    FEC technology, T-FHSS® receivers continuously analyze the input signal and apply an intelligent procedure for error correction.
    Transmission power 100mW
    No loss of speed even in the case of a strongly occupied frequency band
    Real-Time-Response - Instantaneous command
    Excellent flow
    > Ultra-fast, direct and digital modulation for very short reaction times
    Easy Link - Ultra fast and easy connection between transmitter and receiver
    Extremely safe and fast automatic re-binding even in difficult conditions
    Intelligent Timing servo for smooth servo drive and to prevent differences in servo run times
    Dual Diversity Antenna - Ultra-fast switching between the receiver's two antennas for an optimal reception signal (depending on the receiver)
    Integrated flow function for flow control before take-off

    Synchronized and bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with high transmission speed of telemetry data (up to 9 times per second)
    32 telematic channels
    Very high range of telemetry
    Real-time display of telemetry data on the integrated display
    Voice output via optional headphones with 3.5 mm jack
    Melody and tone output (optionally via internal Beeper or optional headphones)
    Vibration alarm
    Graphical interface and 3-D hotkey control washer for simple and easy handling of all functions
    7 languages available: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech and Dutch. Use of unified and intuitive Futaba commands for a simple transition
    Elements of command almost all freely ordered
    Complete equipment with 19 elements Switchable in 1-4 mode Student / master function
    optionally with optional cable, with radio transmitter module or via S.BUS receiver
    with switching of the individual functions (the teacher can assign the student the individual functions) and mixed operation (the master can control all the functions S.BUS technology
    Digital S.BUS technology for modeling
    State-of-the-art serial command buses. Fully digital connection of S-BUS components, such as servos, S.BUS controllers and telemetric sensors. Compatible S.BUS1 and S.BUS 2 (bidirectional) Allows ideal positioning of all components with more efficient wiring
    Digital technology also foreseen for future Futaba components, S.BUS components can be programmed and recorded directly from the transmitter
    Digital serial signal, ideal for Flybarless systems, gyroscopes and control units

    Functions - general
    30 models in memory Transferring model data by radio transmission of T10J transmitters between them or from T8J to T10J
    Monitor-servo graph for an overview of all servo travels with servo-test function
    Wide voltage range of the receiver from 3.6 V to 8.4 V for a more flexible choice of the receiver battery
    Designed for the future, thanks to the possibility of updating the software via an SD card via the optional CIU-2 adapter. Special mixing menu for programming all the servos and functions mixed according to model type:
    Motor models (2-4 flaps)
    Gliders (2-6 Flap)
    Helicopters (8 types of oscillating plate) (more information in "Detailed Functions")
    5 flight conditions (Helicopters menu and 3 flight conditions in Gliders / Gliders) for each freely programmable memory model for optimal regulation of each flight condition -
    Programs for all types of empennages: normal, V-shaped, delta, all, separate depth rudder (Alivator)
    Reversing servos and centering for the channels 1..8
    Digital trim key and t values

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