Fiberglass sleeve lenght.1m d.from 10 to 60mm

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Diameter: from 10 to 60 mm
Thickness: about 0.27 mm

Technical data at 45 ° Fiber angle:
Diameter: 43.3 mm
Flat width: 68 mm
Weight: about 27 g / m

for tubes of different diameters with high torsional rigidity, orthopedic technology (prosthesis), sports equipment. By tilting or pulling the diameter of the tubes it can vary. Delivery in extended conditions.

spray core material (eg metal pipe) with R & G release spray "thick" (coating) and let it dry. Insert the hose and pull at the ends, so that it fits well, possibly even under tension. Apply the resin / hardener mixture with a brush. If necessary, heat the place where you work with a hot-air blower at the same time. As a result, the resin / hardener mixture becomes extremely thin and immerses the fabric quickly and safely (consider resin fumes, ventilate well or wear a protective mask!).
After hardening, the core is blocked and the tube is removed. Smaller components can be frozen in advance. This simplifies the removal of the reduced metallic core.

for technical reasons, it is not possible to wrap the tubes with a 45 ° fiber angle. The quantity therefore differs from the length to 45 °.

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