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Airplane Harmon Rocket .40 - .46, 52-.70 4T wingspan 128cm length 131cm
5 days from order date

Product code: SEA042
Category: Reproduction

$ 210.17

Airplane Harmon Rocket .40 - .46 wingspan 128cm length 131cm

product information
Shipping on: 20 Dec 2019
Weight: 30


Spacewalker plane
5 days from order date

Product code: SEA019
Category: Reproduction

$ 211.17

Spacewalker plane .46 - .53 Wingspan 160cm Length 122cm

The Spacewalker II is traditionally one of the airplanes most often reproduced for its excellent flying skills suitable for both the expert model and the almost neophyte.

This semi-production Seagull fully respects these expectations and provides a semiriproductive model of excellent quality, beautiful to look at and simple to fly.

Its gentle flight and ease of landing makes any enthusiast fall in love.

The box includes all the necessary hardware.

Weight: 30


Extra 260 .90 - .120 wingspan 160cm lenght 151cm

Product code: SEA056
Category: Reproduction

$ 237.97

Extra 260 .90 - .120 wingspan 160cm lenght 151cm

5 days of order date

One of the most classic acrobatics presented by Seagull in a convenient size and with high-level acrobatic skills.

Traditional balsa construction and plywood to ensure the lightness, rigidity and accuracy necessary for a model of these acrobatic features.

Hardware included in the box

product information
Weight: 30


Extra 300S .61 - .75 wingspan 160cm length 115cm

Product code: SEA070B
Category: Reproduction

$ 239.08

Extra 300S .61 - .75 wingspan 160cm length 115cm

Classic acrobatic with aerodynamic and flowing lines ideal for a fun precision acrobatics

Traditional wooden structure with particular attention to the stiffness necessary for precision acrobatics. Multicolored cover pre-applied at the factory.

Hardware included in box

product information
Weight: 30


Airplane Pilatus PC-9 .120 wingspan 180cm

Product code: JP5500044
Category: Reproduction

$ 311.92

$ 366.96

Excellent Pilatus PC 9 very detailed and rich in details.

The structure is completely of traditional type, tiled wings, fuselage with neat and sideboards. Everyone uses balsa and quality plywood

The shrink film with reproductive colors is factory pre-fabricated.

The necessary hardware is included in the box

product information
Shipping on: 16 Dec 2019
Weight: 40


Airplane Piper cub .120 ARTF

Product code: JP5500026
Category: Reproduction

$ 339.27

$ 376.97

MAXI 2.24m wide wing opening for the glow 1.20 motors of the famous PIPER CUB! Built entirely in wood and capable of an extremely realistic and stable flight, IDEAL FOR AIRPORT!


2.24m wing wings
It is flying in a short time
Realistic and stable flight perfect for aeronautics!
Unmistakable look
Perfect for glow motors 2t or 4t 1.20
Trolley with reproductive wheels included!

Weight: 60