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For Futaba

For Futaba


Riceiving Futaba 6CH 2,4Ghz FHSS R2006GS

Product code: 103
Category: For Futaba

$ 60.60

Riceiving Futaba 6CH 2,4Ghz FHSS R2006GS 

2.4 GHz 6 channels, supplied with the new 6JG radio but usable with all Futaba radios operating in S-FHSS

Dimensions: 43x24x8 mm

Weight: 8.3 g

Current: 80 mA

Voltage: 4.8 - 7.4 V

Weight: 0.1


Receiving Futaba R7008SB S.Bus2 FASSTest 18CH

Product code: FU122
Category: For Futaba

$ 147.09

$ 196.12 8/18
Modulation FASSTest
Banda 2,4 Ghz
Dimension mm 24,9x47,3x14,3
Weigt  10,9 g.
Alimentation 3,7 - 7,4
Warranty Ufficial
Reach Full Range
Telemetry yes


bidirectional communication with a FASSTest Futaba transmitter using the S.Bus2 port Several optional telemetry sensors can be connected to port S.Bus2 and data displayed on the transmitter Includes both standard PWM output ports and S.Bus output ports Voltage gate external, 0-70V DC The external voltage connector required for this is: FUTM5551 CA-RVIN-700 EX VLT CBL
18 channels in S.Bus mode and 8 in standard mode

product information
Shipping on: 22 Nov 2019
Weight: 0.2