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Extra 330SC RR kit epo, 115cm wingspan
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Product code: MP214274
Category: Acrobatic

$ 143.13

Extra 330 SC Kit Gernot Bruckmann

 The idea behind the development of this model was to offer each RC pilot the opportunity to fly with an Extra 330 SC customized by the Gernot Bruckmann champion.
Despite the fact that the model is smaller than the Gernot Bruckmann's original Extra 330 SC, it has proven itself capable of every 3D maneuver and is absolutely comparable with its older brother.
Considering that this is a foam model, the results are simply amazing. It is extremely rigid and after the tests in flight it is very difficult to find any trace of distortion or bending.
The flight tests carried out by Genot Bruckmann himself have shown the incredible capacity of this model, of only 1.15 meters wingspan, to be able to carry out any 3 D maneuver without any problem of rigidity
 The model thanks to the elongated tail is able to perform all the traditional acrobatic monovre with extreme precision.

The sensor installed on the model during the demonstration flight of Gernot Bruckmann showed a peak value of 14 G !! no distortion no yielding in this model easy to carry around anywhere.

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Shipping on: 12 Dec 2019
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