Carbon sock, 6K d.18mm Length.1m

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Carbon sock, 6K d.18mm Length.1m

Fiber: Tenax® 400 tex (6k)

Diameter: 4-22 mm
Thickness: 0.35 mm

Technical data at 45 ° braid angle:
Diameter: 17.8 mm
Flat width: 28.0 mm
Weight: 18.1 g / m

torsion-proof tubes of various diameters. Orthopedic engineering (prosthesis), construction of sports equipment. The diameter of the sleeve can be varied by tightening or stretching. Delivered in extended conditions.

use plenty of R & G release spray on core material (slide cover) and allow to dry. Pass the sleeve over the material and pull the two ends to best fit, adapting to the tension if necessary. Apply the resin with a brush. The area to be treated can be heated with a hairdryer, if necessary. This will liquidate the resin and impregnate the fiber quickly and safely. (Don't forget resin fumes - make sure the room is well ventilated or wear a protective mask.) The core is grasped after hardening and the tube removed. Small components can be pre-frozen. This makes it easier to remove the shrunken metal core.

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