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EV-Peak Battery Charger AP606 50W AC / DC

Product code: KRCA0002
Category: 220V - 12V

$ 60.62

AP606 50W AC / DC

The perfect charger

Equilibrium 3.5 has been one of the most popular chargers of recent times, entering the laboratories of thousands of model makers across Europe. KCar Rc has decided to market these chargers with the EV-Peak brand.

product information
Shipping on: 13 Nov 2019
Weight: 0.6


Battery Charger EV-Peak AR1 300W DC Touchscreen 300 Watt

Product code: KRCA0011
Category: 12V

$ 121.12

AR1 300W DC Touchscreen 300 Watts Charge 7 types of batteries 20 memories

The EV-Peak AR1 incorporates the best battery charging technology with the Graphic Touch Screen that plays a very important role.
Each charge operation and continuous monitoring of battery charge status are displayed on the display and make the process of facie and intuitive charge. Also, all the charging process can be recorded to generate a charge curve, graphically display the display, ideal for controlling the entire process.

Weight: 1.25


Charger 4 outputs 12-18V EV-Peak CQ1 80WX4 DC

Product code: KRCA0006
Category: 12V

$ 170.82

Charger 4 outputs 12-18V EV-Peak CQ1 80WX4 DC

The CQ1 80WX4 DC is an independent four-channel charger, suitable for most modern electrical flight operations, in fact it can charge LiPo / LiFe / LiIon batteries from 1 to 6 elements, NiMH / NiCd batteries from 1 to 15 elements and lead batteries from 2 to 20V. It can charge with a current of 0.1 to 7.0Amp (max. 80W power) and download from 0.1 to 2.0Amp (max. 10W power) for each channel. The CQ1 can be powered by a lead-acid battery, with a 11 to 18V power supply.

Weight: 1.5